Top 5 Affordable Robot Vacuum Cleaners That Will Make Your Life Easier

Top 5 Affordable Robot Vacuum Cleaners That Will Make Your Life Easier

Imagine getting home from work and have your floor already cleaned up. In the past we had to sweep the floor after a long shift of working hours, it was just one more thing to do. Now days we can have a robot doing for us. Isn't this amazing?

Robot vacuum cleaners have become so popular in the past few years and the best part, affordable for most people. Some automated vacuum cleaners tend to be expensive but there are some very good brands under $300 dollars. We at Cleany®  put together a list of affordable robot vacuum cleaners to make your life easier and keep your house neat and squeaky clean. Please keep in mind that these listed vacuums are not the latest must up to date and cutting-edge technology, but they do serve well to the whole purpose of this blog, give you a list of affordable under $300 robot vacuum cleaners that give you a helping hand in keeping your house floors clean and free of dust.



 iRobot Roomba 694

This model is one of the top selected in the market with a price of $179 only. We at Cleany® did a deep search and came to this conclusions:


  • Has a personalized cleaning suggestions
  • Can learn habits
  • Works with any type of dust, debris and dirt
  • Take care of corners and edges
  • Has a the ability to detect the dirtier areas of your house
  • Voice assistant
  • Can navigate under furniture
  • 90 min of cleaning before it charges
  • Head automatically adjusts to different heights of flooring for the best clean.





    Second on our list is Eufy practical, efficient and affordable for just $137.98. In our research we found this one most effective and practical. Here is the list:


    • Inexpensive.
    • Is the slimmest of the list allowing to clean more areas.
    • Automatically increases suction power
    • 100 min of cleaning before it charges
    • Anti-scratch
    • Sensor for evading obstacles
    • Drop-sensing tech to avoid falls



      ILIFE V3s

      The 3rd option is iLife we consider this one will be extremely good for pet owners since it has a tangle free pet hair system. Great design, practical, efficient and affordable for just $111.99. Here are the pros and cons:


      • Tangle-free pet hair care technology
      • Self-charging
      • Smart sensors for anti-bump and anti-fall
      • One touch auto clean button
      • 90-100 min of cleaning before it charges



        Been a little bit more pricy than de last mentioned at a cost of 209.99 at Cleany® we consider is one of the best in our list since it has a high power suction and battery lasts more than the others under this list. Check the details: 

        • High suction technology
        • Assistant voice commands
        • APP to schedule & monitor cleaning sessions
        • 150 min of cleaning before it charges
        • Anti-Drop & anti-collision sensors
        • Good dirt pickup performance.




          Ecovacs is the last in our list. When it comes to the application it comes with more features than the rest including direct control, scheduling, status updates, cleaning modes, and, accessories status. Here is the list of features:

          • Programmable modes
          • Assistant voice commands
          • App comes with 5 plus advanced features
          • 110 min of cleaning before it charges
          •  Anti-drop & anti-collision sensors
          • Large dustbin
              Let us know your thoughts and which is your preferred one. Also, check out our blog shop cleany for more cleaning tips and great appliances to use in a daily basis. We offer different cleaning services Cleany®  Miami & Cleany®  New York.